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Information and Communication Technology Industry Sector

Digital Media Presentation: Grades 9-12 (1 semester)

This course is designed to promote basic computer technology skills including; proper keyboarding technique, file storage, embedding video and sound, animation, digital citizenship and basic technology concepts and operations, outline format, student literacy and oral speaking skills through the development of oral presentations using electronic media. Another emphasis will be to improve character and leadership traits by developing critical thinking, building basic skills, emphasizing positive changes in attitude and promoting essential components of character and leadership.

Computer Applications: Grades 9-12 (1 Semester)

Computer Applications is a non-programming introduction to information systems and personal computer applications. CA reinforces keyboarding and formatting skills acquired in Intro to Computers and introduces Computer Ethics, Computing Fundamentals, Information competency/literacy, Hardware and peripherals, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Excel, Access, Presentation Software, Html, Photoshop, Flash and Internet Safety.

Computerized Graphic Design: Grades 10-12 (1 semester)

Computerized Graphic Design provides practical experiences using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Students will create their original graphics and illustrations. The course is designed to provide experience for students in the art of digital image editing, including retouching scanned or digital photographs, editing images, and creating painted artwork and special effects.

Web Page Design: Grades 10-12 (1 semester)

Web Page Design is an introductory course to basic Web Page Design. Students will learn how to use HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to design their own web pages. Basic HTML tags for formatting text will be covered as well as more advanced tags allowing the creation of image maps, tables, frames, forms, and multimedia elements.

Marketing Sales and Service Industry Sector

Introduction to Business: Grades 9-12 (1 Semester)

Introduction to Business is a course that offers an overview of how businesses and the world interact together. This course will highlight business and its close relationship to the economy and economic decisions. Business formation and operations, government interaction, financial institutions, personal living, as well as career search and employment development are topics of emphasis.

Sales and Merchandising: Grades 10-12 (1 Semester)

This is a beginning marketing course that is designed to introduce students to the theory of retail merchandising and product marketing. The course emphasizes the importance of oral and visual communication of ideas to market a product. The course includes academic skills in reading, writing, communication, and computer applications that are associated with retail marketing.

Business Management: Grades 11-12 (1 Semester)

Business Management is a beginning management course that is designed to introduce students to the theory of business management. The course is an advanced level course that places an emphasis on introducing management level decision making. This course also focuses on understanding and developing skills necessary for management and leadership positions in business our daily lives.

Business Law: Grades 11-12 (1 Semester)

Business Law covers specific laws including criminal, civil, ethics, personal injury, property, family, and contractual. Includes legal rights and responsibilities regarding employment, business operations, and law in everyday life.




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