Courses with a "P" after them are acceptable at California State University and the University of California.


These classes use specially designed academic instruction in English (SDAIE) methods to enable English language learners to successfully learn content as well as English. These classes are acceptable at California State University and the University of California.


These advanced courses are for students seeking a rigorous course of study. Honors classes are designed for students who show an aptitude in a particular subject area. Students will be expected to obtain the recommendation of a teacher and/or complete outside (i.e. summer) assignments when requested.


These college level courses are for students who demonstrate the highest levels of competence. The intent of the rigorous course work is to prepare students to take the AP (Advanced Placement) Examination. Due to the extreme rigor of the course work, 5 points will be earned for an "A". If the student passes the AP Examination with a score of 3 or better, the student may not have to take the class in college. The course outline is based upon the requirements established by the Educational Testing Service. Grades are weighted with an "A" yielding 5 grade points, "B" = 4 points, "C" = 3 points and "D" grades or lower are not weighted.

**Due to the rigor of these classes, high levels of academic performance and achievement in previous classes will be considered for enrollment. Students may be required to complete preliminary coursework over the summer in order to enroll in the AP course(s) in the fall.

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