Because admission requirements are so different for the private schools and other state universities, it is recommended that one read the individual college catalog and/or contact the school regarding their admission criteria. Some college catalogs are available in the Counseling Center, the Career Center and Internet access. Catalogs are also available by writing to the Director of Admissions of any college. A general statement may be made that the program of the University of California is comparable to that of any other major university. Eastern colleges tend to emphasize more years of preparation in foreign languages.


Community colleges offer Associates of Arts (AA) and Associates of Science (AS) degrees as well as certificate programs for a wide variety of career options. Many of these programs fulfill the transfer requirements of a four-year University.

To attend a community college you must be a high school graduate or be 18 years old. There are no SAT/ACT or GPA requirements. To ensure that you are on track for the school of your choice, you should work closely with the community college transfer center/advisor.

Students attending high school may also attend a community college concurrently as long as they meet the GPA requirements set forth by the community college and have an authorization form from their counselors

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