(Updated 24-Oct-2008)

Twenty credits of physical education are required for graduation. No more than 40 units in P.E. can be counted towards graduation. It is standard that all ninth graders be enrolled in Physical Education and the remaining ten units be completed in the sophomore year. Juniors and Seniors may take Physical Education for elective credit if they have completed the twenty units of required Physical Education. The Adaptive Physical Education program is available for those students who cannot participate in a regular physical education program. Placement is based on assessment, and need determination by the Individual Education Plan Team. The high school program is designed to provide regular exercise and teach skills in a variety of team and lifetime leisure activities.

Physical Education: Grades 9-12 (4 semesters) [rc]

Theory and laboratory experience designed to provide students a general overview of and participation in a variety of individual, dual, team, and lifetime activities from the beginning to advanced skill level, and to identify and improve their health-related fitness skills. Emphasis continues to be placed on physical development, cooperation, attitude, effort, teamwork, and leadership. Students must demonstrate satisfactory academic, social, and skill proficiency in all required unit offerings. Students are expected to participate during every class meeting attended, "dress" in a physical education uniform approved by the physical education department, and may make-up all absences. Excuses for extended periods of time will be approved only on the recommendation of a medical doctor. At Eisenhower High School the required P.E. program will include the following:

Year 1: This program includes participation in 3 individual activities, one of which is an assault prevention class, fitness class, and an introduction to dance class, and show swimming proficiency or take the swim unit. To fulfill each requirement, students must pass the unit. Students will be required to participate in State physical fitness evaluations.

Year 2: The second year of Physical Education credit includes participation in 3 individual sports, one fitness class, and the swimming proficiency (if not passed as a ninth grader). To fulfill each requirement, the student must pass the unit.

All freshmen must be in a regular P.E. class

Sports Physical Education: Grades 9-12 (1 semester) [rc]

This course is normally scheduled during the last period of the day and consists of students who are scheduled into a sport which is in or out of season. During the period of a sport, students in this class do not participate in the required units of study but begin their regular workouts. Students enrolled in this class must tryout for a sport and receive the written approval of the varsity coach. Students enrolled in Sports PE will remain for the entire semester. Sports P.E. will count as elective or P.E. credits. This course is open to all grade levels; however, any 9th grade student enrolled in this course must also concurrently be enrolled in a regular P.E.

Health Education: Grades 10-12 (1 semester)

This semester course is intended to help students examine values, and responsible decision-making skills to take conscious control of their own good health, which will lead to long and productive lives in society. Topics studied include wellness, personal care and safety, managing emotions and mental health, dynamics of social interaction, nutrition, family life, sexually transmitted diseases, cardiovascular fitness and substance abuse.

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