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Fashion and Interior Design – Industry Sector

NOTE: Some courses will require the purchase of materials.

Life Management: Grades 9-12 (1 year course)

This is an introduction class to all Home Economics Career Pathways. This is a general home economics course that gives students an introductory understanding of such concepts as consumer education, food and nutrition, home design, social interaction skills, leadership, clothing, conflict management, family living, and child development.

Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel I A & B: Grades 9-12 (1 semester each)

This is an introductory fashion course which focuses on clothing construction from commercial patterns, clothing selection and wardrobe planning. Students learn sewing techniques and apply their skills in the construction of required garments. (Purchase of materials required.)

This sequence of chouses is articulated with Chaffey College.

Fashion Design and History A & B: Grades 10-12 (1 semester each) CSU/UC

This course is for students who have completed Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel IA & IB or equivalent clothing construction skills and have completed Algebra I or Algebra B. The course is a technical and aesthetic exploration of two and three-dimensional design through the media of a variety of fabrics, trims, and decorations, with emphasis on the artistic expressive possibilities of fashion. Students will analyze the artistic nature of fabric and fashion design, explore the historical and contemporary fashion movements, and create their own interpretation of rational and contemporary fashion concepts, which may serve as functional pieces of art.

Fashion, Textiles and Apparel II A & B: Grades 10-12 (1 semester each)

This class offers those students, who are interested in careers within the fashion industry, an opportunity to explore various specialized areas of the fashion design and merchandising fields. Students should have completed Fashion, Textiles and Apparel classes as well as Fashion Design and History. They should be highly motivated and capable of working independently with instructors' guidance, as these students are integrated into the same classroom. This series of courses will allow Eisenhower to develop a career path for students interested in Fashion Design and Merchandising, one of the fastest growing industries in California. (Purchase of materials required.)

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation – Industry Sector

Culinary Arts I: Grades 9-12 (1 semester)

This course is a beginning course in foods and nutrition. Students gain knowledge in basic nutrition, food safety and sanitation, meal management and the preparation and service of basic food items.

Culinary Arts II: Grades 9-12 (1 semester)

Students should have completed Culinary Arts I. This course is a foods and nutrition course that includes a study of consumer buying skills, cultural foods, and the preparation of healthy inexpensive meals.

Advanced Culinary Arts: Grades 10-12 (1 semester) (2 periods Block) [rc]

Students should have completed Culinary Arts I and Culinary Arts II. This course will introduce students to all aspects of the Food Service and Hospitality Industry. They will acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for employment. Through the planning, preparation and service of lunches in the Café d Eisenhower, students will examine the qualities necessary to succeed in the various aspects of the industry. This sequence of courses is articulated with San Bernardino Valley College.

Education, Child Development, and Family Services – Industry Sector

Child Development I: Grades 9-12 (1 semester)

This is a one semester course that covers families, parenting styles, 9 months of pregnancy, birth defects, STD’s, birth and the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the infant to age 1. This class can lead to a second semester class Child Development II where student will further his/her study of the child and its development.

Child Development II: Grades 10-12 (1 semester)

Course covers a review of the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the child from age 1 to 12 years. The student will receive a comprehensive background of the basic facts, concepts and theories in the developmental patterns of infants to school age children. The students will be able to do hands on projects, taking care of the computerized infant for a weekend.

It will also explore career opportunities in the field of child development.

Careers with Children: Grades 10-12 (1 semester) (2 periods Block) [rc]

Must have completed Child Development I or II. This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop employment and management skills for careers in Child Development and Education. Students working under the supervision of their teacher and a preschool or elementary school teacher will enhance classroom knowledge by on-the-job experience by working directly with children in a preschool or elementary school setting.

This is a 12 credit, one-semester class that will provide students with the opportunity to develop their potential as participants in the world of work, specifically for employment as aides in programs for young children.

Students may take the class for two semesters and earn 20 credits.

The Child Development classes along with Careers with Children classes are articulated with Valley Community College, San Bernardino.

Designing for the Human Environment A & B: Grades 9-12 (1 semester each)

This course includes the study and application of principles and elements of design to our human environment: architecture, interior design, furnishings, and landscaping. It emphasizes the principles and elements of design as well as historic periods, styles, and trends. Students will apply their understanding to the creation of their own designs: sketches, floor plans, elevations, and renderings.

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