(Updated 24-Sep-2013)


Building and Construction Trades - Industry Sector

NOTE: Some classes will require the purchase of materials and safety tests.

Wood Technology Grades 9 - 12 (1 year course)

This course provides students with the essential principles of woodworking. Students will receive instruction in reading drawings, project costs, and the use of hand tools, portable power tools, machines, and basic machining processes. Emphasis is placed on proper techniques and processes to complete simple wood projects. Students will become familiar with job related working conditions and gain entry level skills related to the woodworking industry.

Cabinetmaking Grades 10 - 12 (1 year course)

This course will introduce the student to the methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in the construction of traditional face frame cabinetry. Students will receive instruction on history, design, production techniques, cost estimating, and time management. This course will also specialize in fabrication and installation process of cabinet making and enables students to work as a team or individual to design and manufacture cabinets. Students will gain employable skills as related to the cabinet making industry.

Furniture/Wood Manufacturing Grades 10 -12 (1 year course)

This course will introduce students to specialty areas of fine furniture construction and manufacturing processes. Students will receive instruction on the basic elements of production furniture design, prototype building, and product evaluation. Students will design, build, and test market furniture or wood products which will then be selected for manufacturing. Students will also be introduced to areas of technology, such as CNC routing and laser cutting as it applies to wood product manufacturing.

Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) Grades 10 - 12 (1 year course)

This course is the study of the design and construction of residential and commercial building projects. The course includes an introduction to many of the varied factors involved in building and site design and construction including building components and systems, structural design, storm water management, site design, utilities and services, cost estimation, energy efficiency, and careers in the design and construction industry. The course exposes students to the design and construction practices of residential and commercial building projects, design teams and teamwork, communication methods, building codes and ordinances, engineering design calculations, and technical documentation. Students will use state of the art software to solve real world problems and communicate solutions to hands-on projects and activities. No previous knowledge is assumed, but students should be concurrently enrolled in college preparatory mathematics and science courses.

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