(Updated 24-Oct-2008)

The Midterm Graduation Contract must be filled out and signed before the end of the student’s junior year.

Midterm graduation means that a student has fulfilled all graduation requirements by the end of the 1st semester of his or her senior year.

The Midterm Graduate can participate in senior activities during the 2nd semester and may attend the prom and all sporting events. (Discipline files will notate otherwise)

The Midterm Graduate can make use of the career center, library, computers, record’s office, counseling department, and administrative services but only by means of a visitor’s pass. (Appointments might be necessary).

Midterm Graduates will be mailed updated senior information by the Activities Director of ASB.

Graduation is with the senior class at the end of the traditional school year.

It is hoped that the Midterm Graduate will either be working, taking ROP classes, or enrolled in college courses during the 2nd semester.

Summer school and /or 1st semester classes have been entered in the computer for this student’s midterm graduation.

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