Eisenhower will be introducing Career Pathways in the 2008-2009 school year.

Starting with the graduating class of 2012 all students most have successfully completed a Career Pathway. Upon completion of a Pathway, students will receive a certification.

"Career Pathways will help students enhance the link between the knowledge they acquire in school and the skills they need to pursue their dreams. Without limiting students, career pathways help them focus on an area of interest or a possible career."
-Richard W Riley, Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Here are a few of the benefits of selecting a Career Pathway:

Career Pathways assist counselors in individualizing students' plans to help them to achieve career goals.

Students can use Career Pathways to investigate a wide range of career choices.

Following a pathway gives them the opportunity to explore and to gain valuable skills in a career field.

The establishment of pathways is a nationwide effort to help schools ensure that students get the knowledge and skills they need for multiple career choices by matching what is taught in the classroom to business and industry standards.

Eisenhower students will be able to select from the following Pathways:

Brochures are available in the counseling center.

Which Career Will You Choose

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