This involves withdrawal from a class for the purpose of entering another. No adds, changes or drops of student schedules after the third Friday of the first semester, and the second Friday of the second semester. All requests must be submitted and approved on the "Request for Schedule Change" form.


Transfers will only be approved by both the "sending" teacher and the "receiving" teacher on the proper form. Transfers will only be made if there is room in another class. The sending teacher must send the grade-to-date to the receiving teacher within a week.


A level change is when a student changing from one level to another in the same academic subject. The "sending" teacher, with written justification, must initiate all level changes.


An audit is attending a class and completing all assignments without receiving a grade or credit. Audit forms must be picked up and returned to the counselor, after obtaining teacher and parent signatures. The form must be completed within two weeks of the first or third quarter grades being posted on the student information system. The form is then submitted to the recorder and placed in the student's cum file.

*The administration supports these policies; however, because of some extenuating circumstances, the administration reserves the right to make any necessary changes that may override the policy.

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