Pacific Islanders present: Dancing With the Staff

December 11, 2015

The Pacific Islanders Club, under the direction of Ms. Samy Rodriguez, presented the second annual Dancing With the Staff. Eight Eisenhower staff members competed for the Mirror Ball Trophy. Mrs. Mills won the trophy for the second year in a row.

Special thanks to the following judges:

Each of the staff were partnered with members of the Pacific Islanders Club who worked with the staff to choreograph a routine. Click on the links (each will open in a separate window) below to view the dances.

Dancing With the Staff Program Featuring:
Pacific Islanders - Hip Hop
Ms. Rodriguez and friends
Mr. Escamilla and Elisa
Ms. Allen and Bryant
Mrs. Fitzpatrick and homies
Pacific Islanders - Punjabi
Ms. Findsen and buddies
Mrs. Bailey and Taylor
Mrs. Mills and homeboys
Ms. Brown and Waahida
Pacific Islanders - We Go Together

The Pacific Islanders Club Roster

Andy Garcia Christian Cifuentes Hazel Cervantes Yadira Magana
Keli'i Hernandez Tanya Corral-Salazar Priscilla Lopez MichelleCastro
Taylor Wark Esmeralda Zepeda Adele Torres Karizma Garcia
Bryant Cabrera Alma Michel Joyarn Kilonzo Destiny Salas
Lizbeth Verduzco Zoey Cheadle Jaynie Urquilla Challis Wendt
Elisa Moya Isabel Torres Jorge Ventura Ana Reyes
Kenia Villa Ana Faalaulau Erick Morales Leslie Palacios
Waahida Mansion Emerald Vasquez Lani Faalaulau