New Food Court at Ike

The new food court at Eisenhower opened March 10, 2008. The photos below are from first lunch.

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IMG_0222.jpg (127kb) IMG_0223.jpg (86kb) IMG_0224.jpg (111kb) IMG_0225.jpg (102kb) IMG_0226.jpg (111kb)
IMG_0227.jpg (110kb) IMG_0228.jpg (72kb) IMG_0229.jpg (106kb) IMG_0230.jpg (72kb) IMG_0231.jpg (107kb)
IMG_0232.jpg (79kb) IMG_0233.jpg (94kb) IMG_0234.jpg (109kb) IMG_0235.jpg (115kb) IMG_0237.jpg (102kb)
IMG_0239.jpg (118kb) IMG_0240.jpg (110kb) IMG_0241.jpg (103kb)