Homecoming 2016

Thanks to Carter High School for allowing us to use their field while our new stadium is under construction.

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IMG_6400 IMG_6402 IMG_6403 IMG_6405 IMG_6406 IMG_6407 IMG_6409 IMG_6410
IMG_6412 IMG_6414 IMG_6415 IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6425 IMG_6427
IMG_6428 IMG_6433 IMG_6437 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6441 IMG_6445 IMG_6449
IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6454 IMG_6457 IMG_6459 IMG_6461 IMG_6463
IMG_6464 IMG_6466 IMG_6469 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6476 IMG_6482 IMG_6486
IMG_6487 IMG_6490 IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6494 IMG_6496 IMG_6498 IMG_6500
IMG_6504 IMG_6505 IMG_6508 IMG_6511 IMG_6512 IMG_6513 IMG_6514 IMG_6515
IMG_6516 IMG_6517 IMG_6518 IMG_6519 IMG_6520 IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6527
IMG_6528 IMG_6529 IMG_6533 IMG_6537 IMG_6541 IMG_6546 IMG_6547 IMG_6550
IMG_6556 IMG_6557 IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6564 IMG_6565