Last Day at Eisenhower High School for the Class of 2017

May 25, 2017

The day started at Morgan Elementary, where some of our seniors (in cap and gown) greeted the students. Later in the day, the class gathered for their Senior Luncheon and watched a slide show from their senior year. Somewhere along the line, there was time to give a goodbye present to Principal Scott Sparks.

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IMG_7874 IMG_7876 IMG_7878 IMG_7879 IMG_7880 IMG_7881 IMG_7882
IMG_7883 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7886 IMG_7887 IMG_7888 IMG_7889
IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7897 IMG_7898
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IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7942
IMG_7943 IMG_7944 IMG_7945 IMG_7946 IMG_7947 IMG_7948 IMG_7949
IMG_7950 IMG_7953 IMG_7954 IMG_7955 IMG_7964 IMG_7965 IMG_7966