API Celebration at Ike

Students at Eisenhower High School were recognized for their improved test scores during the week of December 8-15, 2008.

Two celebrations were held in the cafeteria to individually honor students for their gains in ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science. Students who had an improvement of 100 points or more recieved Wal-Mart gift cards.

Later in the week, a schoolwide rally was held in the stadium. During the celebration, approximately 70 students who had the highest scores on any of the CST tests last year were recognized. Those 70 students also were entered into a drawing to win laptops donated by: Issiah Avila (Ike Alumnus), Herff Jones, the Rialto Police Department, and Superintendent Edna Davis-Herring.

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CIMG0038.jpg (66kb) CIMG0040.jpg (43kb) CIMG0041.jpg (36kb) CIMG0042.jpg (56kb) CIMG0045.jpg (31kb) CIMG0048.jpg (65kb) CIMG0049.jpg (56kb)
CIMG0050.jpg (52kb) CIMG0056.jpg (56kb) CIMG0063.jpg (39kb) CIMG0072.jpg (58kb) CIMG0073.jpg (52kb) CIMG0081.jpg (56kb) CIMG0082.jpg (90kb)
CIMG0084.jpg (49kb) CIMG0086.jpg (53kb) CIMG0087.jpg (58kb) CIMG0088.jpg (62kb) CIMG0090.jpg (51kb) CIMG0092.jpg (65kb) CIMG0095.jpg (65kb)
CIMG0097.jpg (36kb) CIMG0100.jpg (36kb) CIMG0101.jpg (46kb) CIMG0102.jpg (62kb) CIMG0144.jpg (38kb) CIMG0147.jpg (57kb) CIMG0148.jpg (47kb)
CIMG0149.jpg (61kb) CIMG0158.jpg (54kb) CIMG0160.jpg (56kb) CIMG0161.jpg (82kb) CIMG0162.jpg (45kb) CIMG0166.jpg (42kb) CIMG0167.jpg (63kb)
CIMG0168.jpg (56kb) CIMG0169.jpg (59kb) CIMG0170.jpg (53kb) CIMG0171.jpg (49kb) CIMG0174.jpg (50kb) CIMG0177.jpg (70kb) CIMG0179.jpg (36kb)
CIMG0188.jpg (55kb) CIMG0191.jpg (63kb) CIMG0193.jpg (56kb) CIMG0194.jpg (67kb) CIMG0195.jpg (54kb) CIMG0197.jpg (82kb) CIMG0198.jpg (68kb)
CIMG0199.jpg (66kb) CIMG0200.jpg (59kb) CIMG0201.jpg (58kb) CIMG0202.jpg (44kb) P1000117.jpg (80kb) P1000118.jpg (88kb) P1000119.jpg (91kb)
P1000120.jpg (97kb) P1000123.jpg (81kb) P1000124.jpg (61kb) P1000126.jpg (92kb) P1000127.jpg (95kb) P1000128.jpg (83kb) P1000129.jpg (93kb)
P1000130.jpg (71kb) P1000131.jpg (69kb) P1000132.jpg (65kb) P1000133.jpg (70kb) P1000134.jpg (66kb) P1000135.jpg (96kb) P1000136.jpg (80kb)
P1000137.jpg (84kb) P1000138.jpg (73kb) P1000140.jpg (77kb) P1000141.jpg (75kb) P1000142.jpg (66kb) P1000143.jpg (72kb) P1000145.jpg (74kb)
P1000146.jpg (73kb) P1000148.jpg (72kb) P1000150.jpg (71kb) P1000151.jpg (70kb) P1000153.jpg (64kb) P1000154.jpg (87kb) P1000155.jpg (94kb)
P1000157.jpg (89kb) P1000160.jpg (97kb) P1000162.jpg (82kb) P1000168.jpg (79kb) P1000169.jpg (96kb) P1000170.jpg (91kb) P1000171.jpg (91kb)
P1000172.jpg (85kb) P1000173.jpg (93kb)