Every 15 Minutes Program May 23 - 24, 2007

Every fifteen minutes someone in the United States dies from an alcohol related traffic collision. The Every 15 Minutes Program offers real-life experience without the real-life risks.

At Eisenhower High School, the day began with the "Grim Reaper" calling students out of class. One student was removed from class every 15 minutes. A police officer entered the classroom to read an obituary which explained the circumstances of their classmate's demise and the contributions the student made to the school and the community. A few minutes later, the student returned to class as the "living dead," complete with white face make-up and a black Every 15 Minutes T-shirt. From that point on "victims" did not speak or interact with other students.

Later in the morning, a simulated traffic collision occured in front of the school. Rescue workers treated the injured student participants. These students experienced first hand, the sensations of being involved in a tragic, alcohol-related collision. The coroner handled the fatality on the scene, while the injured students were extricated by the jaws-of-life manned by Fire-Fighters and Paramedics. Police Officers investigated, arrested, and booked the student "drunk driver". Student participants continued their experience by an actual trip to the morgue, the hospital emergency room, and to the police department jail for the purpose of being booked for "drunk driving".

On the following morning, a mock funeral service was held. The focus of the assembly stressed that the decision to consume alcohol can affect many more people than just the one who drinks.