Mountain High Night Ski

The Eisenhower Ski and Snowboarding Club visited Mountain High for a night ski trip recently. On Friday, January 16, 2009, several students, as well as staff, braved the cold for some ski and snowboard fun.

CIMG0285.jpg (77kb) CIMG0286.jpg (70kb) CIMG0287.jpg (129kb) CIMG0289.jpg (68kb) CIMG0290.jpg (74kb)
CIMG0292.jpg (100kb) CIMG0296.jpg (80kb) CIMG0297.jpg (75kb) CIMG0298.jpg (70kb) CIMG0299.jpg (81kb)
CIMG0301.jpg (58kb) CIMG0302.jpg (62kb) CIMG0303.jpg (55kb) CIMG0305.jpg (102kb) CIMG0308.jpg (81kb)
CIMG0310.jpg (74kb) CIMG0311.jpg (64kb) CIMG0312.jpg (74kb) CIMG0313.jpg (84kb) CIMG0314.jpg (80kb)
CIMG0317.jpg (167kb) CIMG0318.jpg (66kb) CIMG0319.jpg (75kb) CIMG0320.jpg (96kb) CIMG0321.jpg (72kb)
CIMG0323.jpg (55kb) CIMG0324.jpg (58kb) CIMG0325.jpg (121kb) CIMG0326.jpg (122kb) CIMG0327.jpg (73kb)
CIMG0328.jpg (116kb) CIMG0329.jpg (78kb) CIMG0330.jpg (90kb) CIMG0332.jpg (86kb) CIMG0333.jpg (95kb)
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