2012 Carter High School Graduation Photos



A Carter senior waves at the roaring crowd
as students enter the arena.

A Carter teacher prepares the seniors as
they stand to obtain their diplomas.

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A teacher adjusts a student's medal as
students wait, anticipating their diplomas.

Board Member Edgar Montes
shakes a graduating senior's hand.

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Board Member Michael Ridgway and
Board Clerk Joe Martinez smile as
they are introduced to the audience.

Carter Choir.
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Carter Salutatorian Vanessa Mendoza
shares words of wisdom.

Carter Valedictorian addresses her classmates.

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Decorative graduation caps are shown off.

Excited seniors have fun posing for the camera.

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DSAC Students Viviana Martinez and
Abbryana Macias smile for the camera.

Carter graduate walks with confidence.
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Principal Cristine Foote, Superintendent
Dr. Harold Cebrun, and Principal
Felicia Limbrick enter the packed
arena hand-in-hand.

Seniors can hardly contain their excitement.

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Students pose proudly as they
stand to receive their diplomas.

Vice President Joe Ayala walks next to a
smiling Assembly Woman Wilmer Amina Carter,
the high school's namesake.


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