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DrCebrunMessage from the Superintendent

When students, teachers, parents, administrators, board members, and members of the community understand and accept their roles in the process of educating, results of permanent value will follow, and the opportunities for personal and intellectual growth can become a reality for every student. Our District Leaders will work with all of the stakeholders to turn vision into reality, and firmly support establishing clear lines of communication to accentuate the importance of accountability and responsibility of each team member.

Emphasizing positive attitudes and strong human relations skills in our working relationships with our students, parents, community, and each other, we will model by example the significance of professionalism, commitment, achievement, and dedication to whatever endeavor we undertake. We must maximize and manage our resources to focus on our students; provide consistent and timely support to our teachers and site level administrators; involve and make welcome our parents and business community; and demonstrate leadership, guidance, and support at the governance level, to be evidenced by proficiency and efficiency in our daily operations.

As Superintendent and Chief Education Officer, I serve as an advocate for students and will work closely with the Governing Board to build and enhance our commitment to maximize the achievement of students within all of our classes, and to provide professional growth opportunities for staff.


Dr. Harold L. Cebrun, Sr.


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