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Personnel Services - Personnel Services

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PERSONNEL SERVICES MAIN NUMBER: (909)820-7700, Ext. 2400

Felix Avila
Associate Superintendent, Personnel Services

Aaron Rogers
Senior Director
Personnel Services     
Ext. 2431
Rhonda Kramer
Senior Director
Personnel Services
Ext. 2401

Martha Degortari, Administrative Secretary II - Ext. 2401

Emily Munez, Administrative Secretary I - Ext. 2431

Miguel Sandoval, Receptionist - Ext. 2100 
Wendy Gavini, Clerk Typist II - Ext. 2400

Tracy Coffee, Credential Analyst - Ext. 2409
Robin Welker, Credential Analyst - Ext. 2414

Certificated Personnel
Hannia Rodriguez, Certificated Personnel Technician - Ext. 2402
Alma Gutierrez, Certificated Personnel Technician - Ext. 2415
Mayra Tejeda, Certificated Personnel Technician- Ext. 2424

Classified Personnel
Vania De La Paz Castro,
Classified Personnel Technician - Ext. 2416
Yolanda Salinas, Classified Personnel Technician - Ext. 2423
Nazira Villegas,
Classified Personnel Technician - Ext. 2421
Wanda Wimberly, Classified Personnel Technician - Ext. 2420


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